AI business integration services

We construct business solutions from scratch and integrate AI into them.

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AI business integration services

We construct business solutions from scratch and integrate AI into them.

AI Integration help businesses to automate routine tasks and procedures, increase productivity and lowers costs for businesses. It also enhances the user experience by offering personalized recommendations and quick customer service. With lead generation and qualification, AI increases sales and also provides pertinent marketing suggestions.

Steps we take in the process


Business analysis

Our AI business integration services include analytics greatly. At this point, we determine the business objectives of our customer and seek an AI solution to accomplish these objectives within the constraints of the budget. Our analysts prioritize features and calculate the time and cost to construct the product.


UI/UX design and development

Our UI/UX designers create an intuitive and user-friendly interface based on the analytics. Then utilizing the UI Kit that can be used to scale the design up they develop the UI in accordance with the client’s brand identity.


Sprints planning

The task is usually divided up into sprints of two weeks. This gives us ample time to finish a functional component and deliver a visible outcome to our client.The client can review the work and assess the development after each sprint.


Testing and development

Our developers start by designing a scalable architecture and producing clean code. With the aid of OpenAI, we train AI models or integrate a ready-made solution at this level of AI business integration services. We perform automated tests to ensure that the product functions properly, and then we employ error-tracking tools to address any defects that are found.


Release and maintenance

We adhere to iOS and Android requirements and test the software to ensure that it functions properly before fast releasing the app to the store. We test web applications for errors before deploying it in a live environment. After the initial release, we keep working on it to address bugs that were discovered thereafter, add new features, and update the software in response to user comments.

Our projects

How do we deliver MVP development services for startups from different industries?


Medical professionals can now evaluate huge, complicated collections of patient data in real time, identify diseases more quickly, and make precise forecasts, thanks to AI. Scheduling appointments, registering patients, and paying are just a few of the administrative chores that may be streamlined in healthcare services using AI business integration.


Travel companies can improve their pricing tactics with the use of business automation services in order to maintain competitiveness and increase income. AI algorithms are able to examine consumer behavior and market trends to recommend prices. Chatbots with AI capabilities can respond to consumer inquiries, lighten the pressure on customer support employees, and speed up response times.

Real estate

Buyers may easily identify houses that fit their criteria thanks to AI algorithms, while sellers can get reliable market assessments and property appraisals. Real estate agents can benefit from AI business integration services by receiving insights into the most recent market trends and forecasting future developments.


Businesses can use AI to study client behavior, spot trends, and provide product or service recommendations. AI can be used by e-commerce businesses to automate some processes, such as managing inventory or answering customer care questions, which can save labor costs and boost productivity.


Can you provide ongoing maintenance and support for the AI integration?

We always monitor projects after the release to ensure the app works flawlessly. We have many clients that stayed with us for years and we continue to work on their projects.

Can you work with my company’s existing software?

Yes, we can integrate AI solutions into existing applications, as well as develop AI-powered apps from scratch.

What is the cost of AI business integration services?

Developing an AI-powered app would cost about $20,000–$40,000 for an MVP version. As for the cost of integrating an AI into a ready-made project, it depends on your request, the product you have, and the type of AI you wish to use. Feel free to contact us to get a precise estimate.

How long does the AI integration process typically take?

The timeline of AI business integration services can vary based on the complexity of the project and your business goals. If you need full-cycle development, we may need about 3 months to create an MVP powered by AI. To find out how much time it may take in the case of your project, please contact us so we can make an estimation for you.

What is AI business integration, and how can it benefit my company?

Shortly, it’s an implementation of artificial intelligence into a company’s business operations. Using UI can help you automate business processes, gain insights through data analysis, increase efficiency and productivity, and improve customer service. It can also help you gain a competitive advantage and improve your company’s overall performance.

Do you integrate AI into mobile apps or web apps, or both?

We can integrate AI into any application since we have both web and mobile developers on our team. We develop native and cross-platform apps for iOS and Android, as well as high-load web platforms.

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