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Unlock the full potential of your projects, overcome obstacles, and confidently accomplish your software development goals with our Consulting and IT Support service.

Our committed team of technical experts is available to work with you while providing customized solutions and IT consulting services.



Consulting and Assessment

The first step is a thorough consultation during which we work to fully understand your company’s objectives, problems, and objectives. In this phase, we carefully assess your current software development procedures and IT infrastructure. We use this assessment as the cornerstone for developing our strategic approach.


Strategy Development

We develop clear and measurable business objectives based on the knowledge gathered from the consultation and assessment phase. As we construct our strategy, these goals act as our core values.



After the strategy building, the implementation process begins. Software updates, system integrations, or process improvements may be part of this phase. Our team makes sure that new solutions are seamlessly incorporated into your current IT environment. We carefully track and manage the installation process to reduce delays and increase system performance.



We offer ongoing IT support, which includes preemptive system monitoring and helpful helpdesk services. To reduce downtime and interruptions, all technical issues are swiftly handled and fixed.


Performance Optimization

Performance optimization and long-term planning are essential in a technological environment that is continually changing. We continuously evaluate the efficiency of your software development processes and IT infrastructure to find areas for improvement.

Industries we work with

We provide product lifecycle management solutions for use in different industries.


For the healthcare sector, our solutions include telemedicine integration for remote care access, HIPAA compliance support, and EHR system implementation for safe patient data monitoring.


To maintain effective operations, financial institutions can rely on our cyber security consultants, advice on upgrading essential banking systems, and compliance with regulation inspections.


To support contemporary ways of teaching and management, we support the installation of e-learning platforms, student privacy adherence, and IT infrastructure management in the education sector.

Retail Sector

We specialize in developing multichannel strategies for traders that smoothly combine online and physical sales channels to improve consumer experience.


We concentrate on implementing smart grid technology in the energy sector to raise energy dependability and efficiency. Our asset management tactics and frameworks streamline equipment reduce downtime.

Tourism and hospitality sector

We optimize reservation systems for hospitality companies to speed up booking procedures and raise customer satisfaction. Our technological options include keyless entry, mobile check-ins, and customized visitor experiences.

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What is IT consulting?

In a nutshell, IT consulting is a service provided by an IT consulting firm like Barrana to help businesses, from startups to enterprises, optimize their technology usage to accomplish business goals. This entails taking a deep dive into a company’s procedures, practices, business objectives, customer needs/desires, and current technology usage. The result is a plan of action to update, upgrade, and/or create custom solutions that will help maximize current output and future-proof the business at the same time.

Which services can our IT consultants support?

As you can see from all that’s written above, we offer comprehensive IT support services. To recap, this includes:

  • Digital transformation consulting services
  • Enterprise architecture consulting, and advisory services
  • IT assessments
  • Infrastructure assessment
  • IT strategy, planning, and solutions
  • Technology consulting
  • Platform architecture consulting
  • UX consulting services

How can enterprises benefit from IT consulting services?

There are countless benefits to your business from IT consulting and services, but here is our list of the top 10:

  • Excesses are eliminated: time, money, and resources
  • Increases productivity
  • Modernizes your systems and keeps you up-to-date with the latest trends
  • Improves your team’s ability to focus on your core business
  • It makes it easy to quantify improvements through KPIs and other analytics
  • Aligns your business goals with your technology
  • Provides a trusted resource to discuss transformation and innovation
  • It helps you hone in on opportunities for improvement
  • Fosters a more efficient workplace, improves team morale
  • Future-proofs your business

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