Non-Technical Founder Seeking Fractional Technology Advisor

How We Work – Unveiling the Blueprint of Success

The non-technical founder approaches Barrana with a visionary software idea but lacks technical expertise.

Barrana conducts an initial consultation to understand the founder's vision, business goals, and software requirements.

As a fractional technology advisor, Barrana validates the idea's feasibility, conducting market research to assess market demand and potential competition.

Barrana collaborates with the founder to gather detailed project requirements, defining a clear project roadmap to guide the development journey.

As a technology advisor, Barrana recommends the most suitable technology stack to ensure the application's success.

The consulting team creates visually stunning design prototypes, ensuring a user-centric approach to captivate the target audience.

As the fractional technology advisor, Barrana assists the founder in preparing a compelling investor pitch, emphasizing the technical aspects of the software.

Barrana acts as a mediator, ensuring alignment between co-founders with different visions and facilitating productive collaborations.

Throughout development, Barrana provides oversight on Agile practices, ensuring efficient iterations and progress tracking.

As the technology advisor, Barrana implements quality assurance practices and guides the testing process to maintain software excellence.

After deployment, Barrana remains as the fractional technology advisor, providing post-release support, addressing any concerns, and assisting in planning future enhancements.

In this scenario, Barrana plays a crucial role as a fractional technology advisor, supporting the non-technical founder throughout the software development journey. By providing expert guidance and technical insights, Barrana empowers the founder to make informed decisions, ensuring their visionary software idea becomes a successful reality. The technology advisor acts as a trusted partner, bridging the gap between the founder's non-technical background and the technical aspects of software development.

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