Offshore Development Team Challenges

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The client has engaged an offshore development team but is facing challenges with the project's progress, communication, or deliverable quality.

Barrana conducts an in-depth assessment of the current development status, identifying areas of concern.

The consulting team analyzes communication channels between the client and the offshore team to identify gaps and improve collaboration.

Barrana aligns the project scope with the client's expectations and sets clear quality standards for deliverables.

The consulting team introduces Agile methodologies to the offshore team, ensuring faster iterations and more transparent progress reporting.

Barrana provides recommendations to enhance the offshore team's performance and productivity, optimizing development processes.

The consulting team conducts code reviews and implements robust quality assurance practices to improve deliverable quality.

In case of conflicts or issues with the offshore team, Barrana acts as a mediator and helps find constructive solutions.

To foster better collaboration, Barrana organizes cultural workshops to bridge the gap between the client's and offshore team's work cultures.

Barrana implements monitoring tools and regular reporting mechanisms to keep the client informed of project progress and address any concerns proactively.

After addressing the challenges, Barrana assists the client in transitioning smoothly to a more efficient development process or helps with finding alternative solutions, if required.

In this scenario, Barrana's consulting services play a crucial role in overcoming challenges faced by the client with their offshore development team. By addressing communication gaps, implementing Agile practices, and providing continuous support, Barrana helps the client achieve better collaboration, enhanced productivity, and successful project delivery.

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