CTO as a service for Startups

Detailed technical expertise and strategic advice to help your Startup achieve maximum market impact

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CTO as a service for Startups

Detailed technical expertise and strategic advice to help your startup achieve maximum market impact

Our team of technology experts offer CTO as a service which includes an all-inclusive tech support service for startups on a subscription basis. Our service includes all the steps required to direct the growth of your startup and opt for the best technological solution for smooth operation.
When do you need a CTO as a service?



As we put together your ideas in terms of technology selection, our team will collaborate with you in selecting solutions based on your specific demands, budgets and avenues towards growth within your organization


For your new product we will select its architectural design, produce full documents and monitor its implementation in order to provide you with elastic flexible and adjustable product, which corresponds your particular preferences.

Product roadmap

We will help you determine and categorize the features, benchmarks, and long-term goals of your product. Our strategic advice will make sure that your startup keeps on track with its goals and stays ahead of fast paced environment.


With 16 years in the industry, we've honed systems that are dependable and effective. We are willing to impart our experience on a variety of topics, including scalable environment development, bug reporting, best practices, code review, and more.

Best practices

Our specialists will communicate with your development team and provide them expert advice on the currently applied software development methodologies, processes, and technologies. While it ensures high standards in the software development process, its other contribution is promoting efficiency and effectiveness.



Technical review

We start by thoroughly assessing your project, taking into account factors like test capabilities, coding standards, performance, architecture, and build processes. We pinpoint the areas that need improvement through an in-depth examination of your cut this stage of development.


Strategic planning

We create for you custom-tailor technology plan which aligns with the startup’s vision, objectives and specific needs This plan is made by us when your team receives it and as well, we establish the environment for you and set up the necessary tools.


Technical guidance

These suggestions lead your development team to acquire understanding of modern technology solutions which might be beneficial in facilitating your project success.


Architectural design and review

Our team cooperate closely with your development team in developing a scalable, secure, and evergreen overall architectural framework for your product.


Evaluation of third-party integrations

The many third-party integrations, including APIs, CRM and CMS systems, tracking tools, cloud services, and suppliers that offer services implemented within your project, are thoroughly analyzed by us.


Quality assurance and code review

Regular code reviews form part of our routine QA testing software for ensuring that your product meets high quality requirements.


Security and Compliance

In order to protect the data and applications of your startup, we assist with the implementation of best security services and assure regulatory compliance.


Performance Optimization

We enhance performance by way of continual code optimisation and load testing with the goal of increasing the rate of application growth as well as resolving all bottleneck and scalability problems.

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