Services for Startups

At Barrana IT, we have 16+ years of experience working with startups and helping our clients achieve their business goals within deadlines and budget expectations.

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Services for Startups

We at Barrana have more than 16 years of expertise working with startups and assisting our clients in achieving their business objectives while staying within the constraints of time and money.

You may need our services if you want to:

MVP development services for startups

We’ll give you the power to quickly launch your startup, receive feedback from customers, and verify your idea before moving forward. Our strategy is figuring out which features are most important to develop first, and then creating a prototype for our customers.

Software Design Prototype for Startups

Not only do we create logos, graphics, and marketing plans, but we also offer web design services for any screen. We’ve got a team of experts ready to handle large or small projects alike.

CTO services for startups

With our 16+ years of professional expertise, we provide startups cost effective services. You can identify the best approach for developing your product by speaking with our CTO.

Requirements Engineering for Startups

Our Requirements Engineering services are created with a focus on the specific demands of software companies. We are aware of the opportunities and difficulties faced by entrepreneurs, such as the lack of funding, the accelerated time frames, and the need to adapt swiftly in response to market input.

AI Integration

We are top software development company, we specialize in leveraging artificial intelligence to help companies succeed in today’s cutthroat environment.

AI Marketing Solutions

Our AI-driven solution is a game changer when it comes to marketing. If you want to maximize conversions by improving customer targeting and advertising efficiency, then look no further. Barrana has positioned itself as the industry leader in this space by pushing the boundaries of what AI can do.

AI Business Integration

We specialize in integrating AI solutions into businesses. This service can improve productivity and foster creativity.

Product Lifecycle Management

Discover the power of streamlined software development with our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) services. From conception to retirement, we optimize every stage for enhanced software quality and accelerated time-to-market.

Consulting and IT Support

From strategic guidance all the way to technical assistance, you can trust us to be your partner for smooth development and deployment. And of course, success. With our help, boost your software development through our Consulting and IT Support service.

Industries we work with


Our team of experts can handle projects of any size and complexity. We help startups develop reliable and secure applications, including banking apps and blockchain solutions.


We create software specifically for retail businesses which includes inventory control and CRM as well as POS systems among others. This service increase consumer engagement without sacrificing business processes or user experience.


We design e-commerce systems with easy payment options and user-friendly interface providing best user experience.


We develop transportation products like route planning software and many other softwares.

Real estate

Our startup services focus on customer-centric products like real estate listing systems and smart home applications.

Social Media

We also create secure networking solutions with interactive and user-friendly interfaces.


Our services for startups can help in the travel and hospitality industries. Our complete packages optimize the booking process for both customers and service providers.


We create trustworthy betting platforms with intuitive interfaces, actual-time records updates, and advance analytical equipment.


For the healthcare industry, we create reliable software, which includes telemedicine systems, electronic fitness facts, and faraway monitoring solutions. To protect personal data and maintain client's trust, we ensure that every relevant legal guidelines are followed.

Online learning

We offer extensive eLearning systems with dynamic tools and analytics which can make user’s learning experience very easy and effective.

Average MVP development costs

We suggest startup owners begin with creating the first version of the product with key features only. This approach allows our clients to test business ideas quickly and allocate resources wisely.

3 months and from


or a working MVP

Rapid MVP development costs

In case you have tight deadlines, need to show the product to investors, or launch it as soon as possible, we can offer a bigger project team for rapid development.

3 months and from


or a working MVP


The idea of the project is to let people take or give items for rent. Our initial task was to develop an iOS app using the design provided by the Lainappi team and build an Android version later. After a quick review, we realized that we needed to remake the design from scratch. To reduce costs, we also decided to use a cross-platform approach instead of the native one, which would also let Lainappi reach the audiences of both platforms at once. We chose React Native to implement the needed functionality and speed up the development at the same time. Thanks to our design review and choice of the tech stack, we launched the project in 3 months.

UKR Club

UK Retreats is a service that helps people to find unusual stays across the UK. To attract more customers, the company wanted to create the UKR Club app, that would enable users to find accommodations for holidays nearby the desired location. Our client’s plan was to build a native mobile app and a website. However, to meet their budget expectations, we gave up on this idea in favor of creating a simple mobile-first web application that would provide access to users by subscription. Together we found a solution that allowed us to implement core functionality, support the values of UK Retreats, meet the budget, and finish the MVP within 3 months.

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What does the process of working with you look like?

Our services for startups begin with a detailed consultation to understand your specific business goals, project idea and requirements. Then our analyst makes an estimate based on the key features of the future product. It will allow you to see how much the development will cost, how long it will take, as well as synchronize your vision of the project with the team. Throughout the project, we maintain open communication and share intermediate results.

Who does the development team consist of?

The number of members on the project team depends on the complexity of your project and your business needs. Usually, the team consists of a frontend developer, a backend developer, a designer, and a project manager who also performs as an analyst.

Do you provide post-launch support and maintenance?

Yes, at Ronas IT, we believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients. After the successful launch of solutions, we offer post-release support and maintenance services for startups. We can help with updates, fix bugs, and scale your app as your business grows.

Do you sign an NDA?

Signing an NDA is part of our services for startups. Our manager provides you with an NDA template, or we can sign your version of the document. With this procedure, we ensure that no one will steal your idea or disclose sensitive information.

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